Sweet Defeat

Remember when I said that I wouldn’t be a flight-by-might blogger dilettante? Well… It’s been a while and for good reason. 

The Oral Assessment was a total bust. 

If you’re like me, you have probably read plenty of blog posts where some poor sap had a horrible OA experience and talks about how they’ll try again next year and be better prepared and so on. I never thought that I would be that guy, and yet here I am.

I knew going into it that I could have been more prepared. I had intended to be, but working for Congress can be pretty taxing, and I had just started my new graduate program at the U.S. Naval War College (also a dream of mine). That being said.. I’ve generally always excelled at those type of things by going in loose and off-the-cuff. I’ll follow up more when I have more time… But yes… I failed. I SHALL RETURN.


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